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TeachTapin founder, Sandra Fox, helped me enormously by meeting to explore numerous software solutions, designed to assist people with sight impairment. She is a natural problem solver with a special talent for maximising user-friendly technology, enabling students to work independently. TeachTapin equipped me for university life, as I now have a practical tool kit to combat communication difficulties within a fast-paced visual world.”

Ursula Blythe – Former Student of TeachTapin

“I truly believe that TeachTapin have the winning formula with their Assistive Technology and other learning tools and I hope that they can bring more people like me out of the darkness and confines of illiteracy and processing difficulties.”

Natalee Crichlow – Focus_DV

“TeachTapin have helped me regain my confidence by aiding me with the correct technology for my specific disability, they work with you on a one-to-one basis making sure that you have an adequate amount of time to understand and learn the technology at your own pace. My trainer, Sandra Fox, is passionate about her work and it shows in how she interacts with her students. I am so blessed to have had Sandra’s support throughout my nursing course, which allowed me to pass with flying colours.”

Jazante Samuels – Former Student of TeachTapin

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