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TeachTapin announces availability of Tapin Read App

Tapin Read is an easy-to-use voice/photo recognition and text to speech application developed by IT solution company ‘4UR ENT’.

Tapin Read is the first instalment of a series of assistive technology Apps planned for release by the Company TeachTapin. TeachTapin announced the availability of Tapin Read and ensures the users a great experience. 

Amazing for kinaesthetic people like me, who are under the umbrella of SpLd’s such as Dyslexia can utilise the App,” said Sandra Fox, CEO at TeachTapin.

Positive Customer Impact

There are a few voice/photo recognition apps already out on the market but all for a noticeable price, will cost you around £5 or have a monthly subscription fee.  TeachTapin is entirely free to download with no monthly subscription. 

Many customers have already benefited from using Tapin Read App. TeachTapin students who are affected by Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties, recently committed to using Tapin Read App to aid them with their day-to-day reading. They all agreed that since using the App it has had a positive impact on their lives.

The Tapin Read App, gives an individual the additional assistance to be independent,said Nehemiah Pullar-Latchman, senior management, TeachTapin wants to reinstall people’s confidence and independents to carry out daily activities with full comprehension.

Tapin Read App Availability

Tapin Read App is part of TeachTapin commitment to deliver the latest assistive technology product in one convenient installation. Tapin Read App is available for immediate download in the App Store. Due to the high demand, TeachTapin has promised to release it on Android, Google play in the near future.


Download it now here:  Tapin Read

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Tel: +44 79848 96272

Email: info@teachtapin.com

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