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What is SpLD Strategy Training?

SpLD stands for Specific Learning Difficulty and can refer to a number of different learning difficulties or disabilities.  These include Dyslexia, ADHD and more.

A session can cover anything from breaking down the elements of coursework, to the basics of mind mapping and organisation.  No matter what, we will tailor the session to suit your needs.

What will I learn?

At TeachTapin we help our clients to better manage their time, organise work and schedules, set goals and complete projects.  We develop “work-around” strategies to deal with specific challenges and assist them in determining and utilising individual strengths.

How do I book?

For more information on our pricing, our methods or to book an initial assessment please email TeachTapin today:  info@teachtapin.com



Breaking down different types of Specific learning difficulties strategy (Dyslexic) overlapping disabilities

Specific learning difficulties (SpLD), for example dyslexia and dyspraxia, revolve around problems encountered with one or more of the processes used in understanding and working with spoken or written language, or with the organisation of movement.

They frequently occur in people of average or above average intelligence and the exact nature and extent of these difficulties will vary from one student to another. They are sometimes seen in isolation but often the student will have more than one SpLD.

Students with SpLD have to develop alternative approaches to learning.

By the time a student reaches university, they will have built strategies, probably without even realising it. However, planning and writing essays, note taking and effectively reading the volume of information required may be difficult and time consuming.

Helping families

Mums and dads who’s children are under the spectrum need just as much help as they do but do not realise it, they would say it’s all about the child but we feel in Teachtapin it is all about the family, you come as a package, help the parent this will help the child

Exams and revision may be daunting and extra stressful.

– Explaining the SpLD’s

– Finding out traits, common issues

– Deadline management

– Proofreading

– Assistive technology breakdowns

– Human support 

– Project management

– Organisational skills (breaking down projects)

Identifying barriers



Kinesthetic learning

– Kinesthetic Visual learning

– Breaking down subject matter & elements of coursework

– Tailor the support to each client

Emotional Issues

– Empowerment (Building confidence) 

– Motivations

– Understanding of the client’s emotional barriers 

– Coping strategies



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