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Non-Verbal Communication

TeachTapin provide training to young people with SEN. Enabling them to communicate through the use of signs and symbols.

We work with Widgit, BrainInHand and MyChoicePad and will be launching some new non-verbal services soon.


Brain in Hand is a revolutionary approach to help individuals with conditions such as autism, anxiety, mild or moderate mental illness, or recovering from brain injury.  It helps them to live independently at home and be more effective in education or the workplace.  It transforms their lives and the productivity of organisations that support, educate or employ them.

Brain in Hand provides people with personalised support from an app on their phone.  Features include instant access to pre-planned coping strategies, a diary to help structure time and “recipes” for difficult to remember tasks, a monitor to track anxiety levels and a system to request support if things don’t go to plan.  From a secure website support staff can monitor usage, track success of interventions and identify new issues.

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For over 30 years, Widgit Software has been a pioneer in the field of developing materials for people who have difficulty in understanding and using text. Widgit began as a small family company, becoming famous for ‘Writing with Symbols’.  We are proud that we have maintained our original ethos of doing our best to help those people who, for whatever reason, find the printed word hard to access. Our aim is to provide them with a gateway to information and education, enabling their fuller participation in the world around them.

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MyChoicePad can be used with a broad range of speech abilities and is a lifesaver when it comes to remembering and helping others with their signs.” Heather, Independent Speech and Language Therapist

My Choice Pad is a unique and award winning way to improve communication. Endorsed by leading speech and language therapists, it is proven to help children and adults improve key learning and communication skills.

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