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What is Assistive Technology Tuition?

A session can cover anything from breaking down the elements of computer software, to the basics of mind mapping and organisation.  No matter what, we will tailor the session to suit your needs.

May require the use of assistive software due to problems with literacy and/or processing (e.g. Specific Learning Difficulties like dyslexia, or those with mental health issues), dexterity problems, and visual impairments.


A candidate may use this type of program to express their ideas visually to assist them in outlining their thoughts and structuring their examination responses.

Screen Readers (text-to-speech)

Screen reading programs read text out loud from the computer screen.

This software is used to help students with reading difficulties and with proofreading

Screen Magnification

Visually impaired students are likely to be recommended software that both magnifies the screen and reads the text.

Voice-Recognition (speech-to-text)

Voice recognition software programs recognise the candidate’s voice (after the program has been „trained‟ and a voice profile saved). Whatever the candidate dictates will appear on the computer screen.

What will I learn?

At TeachTapin we help our clients to better manage their time, organise work and schedules, set goals and complete projects.  We develop “work-around” strategies to deal with specific challenges and assist them in determining and utilising individual strengths.

How do I book?

For more information on our pricing, our methods or to book an initial assessment please email TeachTapin today:


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