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A Dyslexia or SpLD assessment is often the first step in applying for additional support in education or at work.

Our Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment service is in collaboration with Dyslexia For The Wise and are offered to both adults and children.  

If you fit the below criteria you may be eligible to receive a free diagnostic assessment summary.


 – Receiving Benefits (Income Support, Working Tax Credit under £10,000 per year, DLA)

 – Children whose parents/carers are not in employment

 – Students in education with a low income

 – Children or adults who have other learning difficulties


 – Diagnostic Assessment Summary – £250

 – Full Advanced Diagnostic Assessment Report – £350

For more information and enquiries please email – 

Take a look at this amazing and informative animation that explains Dyslexia and how assessing your difficulties can help.

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